A different approach to doing business :

1 UK's Largest Property Website

We advertise feature listings on the UK's largest property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as a number of other websites to promote your propertyís availability.

2 A Proactive Approach:

We will call and email potential buyers on our database including investors who are interested in properties matching yours Ė We donít just wait for buyers to come to us.

3 Boards To Get You Noticed

If requested we can provide you with our boards which have been designed by a top London design agency in order to get your property noticed and stand out amongst the crowd.

4 Global Reach, Local Expertise

In addition to our 100 KW associate Agents in the UK, each with a database of 2,500 Ė 5,000 contacts each. We will leverage the power of the Keller Williams network of over 150,000 agents across the globe. Find out more about Keller Williams

5 First Impressions Count

We put a lot of effort to ensure your property looks great which is why we employ only the best professional photographers in London and and we'll supervise all photo sessions to ensure rooms are in best condition

6 Compelling stories

We employ content writers to write compelling stories about homes and lifestyles and they make sure buyers have all the technical details.

7 Video and virtual tours (for sales only)

Within 24 hours of handing us your London property keys, we will send our visual team to take movies and virtual tours of every single room in your property.

8 Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is the process of placing beautiful digital home furnishings into property pictures. It helps potential buyers visualize their future home and is proven to significantly boost property appeal.
Virtually staged homes sell 30% faster on average!

9 Staging Advice

We will do a careful evaluation of the state of your property and help you plan for presenting the property in the most appealing manner in order to maximise its value. Our job is to ensure we donít miss anything that could cost you money.

10 Lonres:

We are members of, a network open only to established estate agents and where appropriate we use this service to offer properties to other approved local agents to market on a shared commission basis.

11 High quality print material:

We offer a number of designs to suit varying property types and sizes. All of our brochures have space for a good selection of photographs and a detailed Floorplan. These will also be available on the web, as well as at open houses.

12 Open House

Open houses are the best way to generate interest in your property and get more buyers over your doorstep. We will arrange, advertise to neighbours , online , social media and other agents and host regular open houses .

13 Our Online Strategy

My City Nest invests heavily in online marketing to drive buyers to our website. We use a combination of Google advertising and social media including face book adds to ensure the properties we market are seen by the greatest number of potential buyers.

14 Gazeal

Gazeal is a new system for property sales, which binds both parties when they are ready to agree a deal. Neither side can walk away, or move the goalposts. This new process eliminates gazumping.

15 Commission based agents

Typically your estate agent works on a salary whereby they will get a bonus for getting the instruction. Their sole interest is getting the instruction only. But your goal is getting a sale. Mycitynest is different. We only get paid at completion when your home has actually sold therefore we are motivated from start to finish to getting that result.

16 International portals: World Property Network, Proxio,

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