Behind the scenes: How I find your dream London home


Hi. Thanks for checking in with me today. I want to shoot this quick video because I'm working with a lovely couple that are looking to buy a home in three of the prime areas that we working in London. Now, the challenge that we have is that there isn't much stock available. So, one of the things that I promised I do is that I'll call all my contacts. I've been working in estate agency for over 10 years, so I'm going to call everyone that I know that either have a property investment in these areas or actually live in this area and ask if they've had any thoughts on selling. Cause I'm not just going to wait until these properties just pop up on Zoopla, Rightmove. So, I go above and beyond for all of my clients. So feel free to watch as I roll my sleeves up, I'm ready to go and dial in.

So, here are the results. So I made the roundabout 15 calls over the course, around about 30 minutes. Actually got to speak to a roundabout handful of people, one of which was not looking to sell. And yet they know someone that is looking to sell in some of the areas that we're looking for our clients, which seems very promising. So they thanked me and they're certainly going to get in touch with their friends and come back to me, which sounds very positive. Now the other person in fact is, the second person is looking to potentially sell for the right price. So I've arranged a meeting and hopefully we can get our potential buyers in. So the other three thanked me as well, but not looking to sell at this moment in time. And I'm just going to continue making the calls for another couple of hours. So Danny Valencia here, My City Nest powered by Keller Williams, always going above and beyond for all of my clients.