What’s your favourite place in Belsize Park?


Hi, Danny Valencia here with My City Nest powered by Keller Williams. And today I'm coming to you from Belsize park. So just at the back of me, you have Belsize park underground station, which is serviced by the Northern lights have great links into the city and West end of London and also has some great restaurants and bars, so just as the back of me as well. Um, and the area has great access also in to some great parks, and the surrounding area. So really excited to show you around. Stay tuned to find out!

Just starting at the bottom of the row of shops and restaurants on Haverstock Hill itself. But before we go up, the Hill just wanted to share with you down the Hill from Haverstock Hill itself. If you continue going down from here, you're going to end up in a farm and also Camden town and Camden Market and everything it has to offer. Now, if you continue going down this hill just before chalk farm, you're gonna find the England's lane to your right. If you go down England's lane and into Primrose Hill road, that will lead you into Primrose Hill park itself. Great little park, especially if you have dogs. This is a very dog friendly place, which you could probably see a dog bark in here at the moment and then another dog coming this way. So if you're a dog lover, have dogs and you're looking to rent or even buy then this may be an area that you'd like to consider.

So, you're the eye place here, a nice boutique, um, place where the sale, some great selections or glances. Actually I've purchased some there over the course of some years. And then here you've got Chez , I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. And the owner, I'm sure we'll be looking at this video and uh, correct me if I'm wrong. Nice little cafe. Been here for roundabout 30 years. Family run business, very, very friendly staff. So, if you're in the area come by, whether it's great coffee that you're looking for or perhaps a decent breakfast and or lunch or dinner.

So, just walking up the Hill, you've got swans dry cleaners for your local cleaners, which there are quite a few here. So that definitely wouldn't be a shortage of a dry cleaners. And then you've got your Gail's here for your local bakery. Maybe grab something quickly on your way to work because you have Belsize park station just across the road from here, Northern line. I just missed our local charity actually. There you go. Look, Marie Curie so you can do your part. So Belsize park station, as I was saying, Northern line, a train passes regularly every two to three minutes. Great service into the city via a bank branch or even if you're going to West end via Charing, cross into Leicester Square and so forth.

So, you've got your Spa & Massage should you be a tired coming home from work or perhaps on a weekend your local hairdressers, you've got Jamon Jamon great Spanish Tapper's bar. I'd definitely recommend the paella, your sangria to calm your thirst. And then you've got your local organic veg and fruit shop in here. Great gluten free selections in there as well.

So, as we approach these rows of shops here mainly are going to be restaurants. So you've got pizza express, Tish, Gourmet Burger kitchen, and then you've got your local Starbucks and a Costa's as well. Well you also have to decide there's a nice little wine and a spirit specialist. They do some great wine testing from time to time. I don't know if that's regularly, weekly or perhaps monthly, but definitely a place to check out. You have another dry cleaners here, so definitely no shortage of dry cleaners, great competition and this is one of my favorite places. Daunt Books.

Now, if you've watched my Hampstead Heath video, there's another Daunt book as well. There again, when I'm out for appointments in between, you very likely will find me here. I'm a bit of a bookworm myself, so this is the place, the wine and spirits specialist, great wine tasting events from time to time, your local Budgens, you got your health shop for any protein shakes, your vitamins and so forth. And then a lot of people tend to miss this here. I don't blame them for missing actually, just so small. But you've got your every man here, everyone, every man Belsize park. So this is your local cinema.

And then you have Chez Bob, and just right there at the corner, you've got your other bakery as well. Should Gail’s not be your cup of tea. If you continue going up this Hill here, you will end up going towards Hampstead village. And just before, on your right, you have a pond street which will take you into Hampstead Heath. Now, this is one of my favorite places as well, which is Franco Manca and it's a great pizza restaurant. They have a chain across London and other areas as well. I love their pizzas, gluten free base. I'm gluten free myself and it's really delicious. So make sure if you are gluten free, you drop by at all. Otherwise, if you're not, so they have some great pizzas in there and very, very friendly staff as well.

I hope you find this video helpful, just showing you a little bit around Belsize park.