Hampstead High St, NW3 Tour

Hi, Danny Valencia here with My City Nest powered by Keller Williams. And today I'm excited to share with you Hampstead Village, which is in Northwest London. At the background, hopefully you can see Hampstead Underground station, which is serviced by the Northern line. And just behind me, you've got Hampstead highstreet, which I'm really excited to share with you a very quick tour. So stay tuned.

So, I'm just going to start at the top of the high street itself, Hampstead High Street. And if we go this way, you can see Heath Street, which at the top of the road leave you to a health pond and you going North that way towards Golders green. And this way is actually going towards Swiss cottage. So this is still Heath Streets and leads into FitzJohn's Avenue. Some great properties period properties in all of this area NW3. So NW3, uh, which Hampstead is in NW3 actually has around about 26,000 homes of which, um, last year around about 500 homes went on to, uh, to sell. So not a great deal of properties actually go off for sale considering in comparison of how many properties are in the area.

So on Fitzjohn's Avenue itself. We have a listing as an example, almost a 1000 square foot going for £1.1 million, it will go for more. And uh, so you're looking on the average roundabout £1000 and £1200 per square foot. And that is going to be the average between the £1000 and £1200. So just, I'm walking down the road here, what we're going to find is a row of restaurants, pubs, bakeries, florists, and even antique shops. So we've just gone pass one bakery, you've got another bakery here, very famous.

And then you've got the The Flask Walk. I love this small little road we are just going to come through here. What you're going to find this whole load of the antique shops. People just love coming into this area. You've got the Hampstead Heath just down the road, come for a walk, perhaps come do a little bit of shopping. Go to the antique shopping. You got gelatos, you've got coffee shops. This is quite the delicious actually. You've got a couple of a very nice gelato places around here and that's roads here, leads us to a Hampstead Heath. I'm going to show you a very special little place here and which i love.

This is the flask where people like to finish there Heath walk in this pub, which is great, but this little place is a very special, I'm sure you'll agree. "Very cute". Okay, so we're gonna make our way back into Hampstead High Street again, so as you can see, it's very busy. They people shopping there. the antique shopping, ice-creams, gelatos. So, we're just going to make our way back down, Hampstead High Street itself. As you can see just across the road you've got Venchi and another gelato place, one of my favorite!. I love to come by there, whenever I'm in the area you got a bookshop Waterstones

and then one other place I'm going to share with you very briefly is the crepie "Le creperie de Hampstead" and I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. So it's not unusual to see a very big queue here. People lining up to have a crepie. One of my favorites here is the banana scotch and the chocolate one as well. Um, some people prefer savory before we just get there. Actually let me just share with you this place here. Cause people love to have their coffee just outside as well. It seems very busy, very dog friendly, very dog friendly area, having the Heath just off the road. And so this is the massive queue that you're going to find here lining up to have a taste of "Le creperie de Hampstead"

So if you want to come here, you make sure you come early, otherwise you'd be queuing up here for a good 20 minutes or so. So down the road, this is going South. Uh, if you continue going down, you're gonna find Belsize park. And then if you go to the left, on Pond Street then that will take you to Hampstead Heath as well. But any of these roads will take you into Hampstead Heath itself as well. And actually let me show you just down here where you can find alot of, uh, places to, uh, to shop for your cheese. I think they're probably closed now. Yeah, that's a shame. You at this place here. So one row just down the row, which is our Willoughby Road. We have a listing there as well it's a Studio Flat and a, and that's going for almost £400,000, which, uh, which again takes you up to, uh, around about £1,200 per square foot. So I hope this has been helpful. And if you have any questions about the, uh, the road itself Hampstead or NW3. Feel free to get in touch.