How to choose the right estate agent - 5 questions


It's so important that you choose the right agent for the job of selling your home. Learn three things you can do to see if this is an agency you'd want to work with before you even pick up the phone and call them to set an appointment. And learn five critical questions you should ask about their marketing strategy.

Here are some things you can do before you even pick up the phone to call an estate agent:

  1. Go to their website and see what  they are about, do they have a professional website, an informative website or is it a website that they put no effort into, read about them, check out the individual agents how long have they been been in the industry, are they experienced, because when you get into a situation the last thing you want is some 21 year with no experience handling your biggest asset.
  2. Go check out their social media, are they active online, do they understand the power of social media to sell homes?
  3. Find some of the properties they have on the market. Not to find out how many they have in your area but  do they have professional pictures, is the description accurate? Is it how you would you would like your property to be marketed? 

Here are some questions to ask on exposure when they visit your home:

  1. Do they understand the power of social media? What strategies do they choose to reach the inactive market? For example do they only market on the proatls such as Righmove and Zoopla active market? active market and there so many families out there that are not active but given the right visual stimulus would move
  2. What proactive local marketing activities will they apply to sell your home. Example letter, flyers and reaching out to the community directly to market your home
  3. How large and what how pro active are they with their database? Do they just email or proactively call?
  4. Do they proactively share their stock with other with other local property professionals to tap into multiple databases. Remember no one agent has more than 8% of the market
  5. What is their national and international reach?

It goes without saying the wider the audience you expose your property the better the chance you have of not just selling it but selling it for a better price!