Would you sell your home on Facebook? And that's not a rhetorical question today during lock down more and more people using social media and relying on social media. And that includes people buying a home on Facebook. So, before I dive in to all of the tips that we have for you on how to sell your home on Facebook, I first want to share with you some key facts.

Now, did you know that more than 46 million people in the UK have a Facebook account of which over 20 million of them use it on a daily basis? 75% of prospective buyers have a social media account and social media platforms such as Facebook allows for the functionality of narrowing down your target audience. And this is for your posts. And these are for your ads as well, allowing for more of the right people and the right eyeballs on your listing online, which ultimately will result in more physical viewings and naturally that leads to more offers. So, stay tuned to find out all of the tips that we have for you on how to sell your home on Facebook.

Tip #1: Know your audience

What do I mean by that? Before you even start any type of marketing strategy, and this goes for online or offline, you need to understand who that perfect buyer is? Who's that demographic? Who is that target audience? who is that avatar? Only then once you know who that is, then you can start designing a marketing strategy specifically for them, whether that's people looking to upsize. Is it people to downsize? Is it first time buyers? Is it investors? Make sure you're crystal clear on that before you attempt to do any type of marketing strategy.

Tip # 2: Hire a professional photographer

I would add to that hopefully it's a local photographer as well, that understands the local area. Why is that important? Well, equally as important to be able to highlight the features of your home and as to why people would want to buy your home. It's also important to understand the local area and tap into that emotion as to why people would love to live in the area, because that's going to be critical as to why a buyer would want to buy your home in that specific area.

Tip # 3: Ask your friends

Chances are if you are on social media, you have followers now whether that's a hundred or that's a thousand or 10,000, it doesn't matter, you have friends and you'd be amazed to know if you reach out to them, how people are willing to do you a favor and share your listing. And that's so powerful for two reasons. Number one, Facebook loves people sharing stuff, the algorithms like it because they know that it's something interesting enough for someone to share. But secondly, if the psychologically, the psychology of people as well, if I recommend something to a friend, they're going to be more likely to be interested in it than them seeing an ad anywhere, whether that's online or offline. So that's very, very important, very powerful as well. So, ensure you reach out to those friends and just ask them, can you share this listing for me? The likelihood is that there'll be more than happy to do so.

Tip # 4: Facebook campaigns

So again, this is such a powerful tool on Facebook. And if you get it right, you're going to get so much eyeballs on your online listing. There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to narrow down based on demographic, geographic, budget, timeframe, and everything else. So, ensure you use all the tools. And again, knowing who that target audience is really going to be key in being able to put in the right features and the right options on this Facebook campaign ad. Now, there are lots of tutorials out there on how to set up a Facebook campaign. If you want one specifically on how to sell your home on Facebook, leave a comment below because if we have enough demand for it, we'll be happy to share how we go about doing the, all the campaigns that we do for all our listings.

Tip #5: Sneak Peek

Is a sneak peek. Now, what do I mean by sneak peek, you might be tempted to just take all of your listing details, description, photos, and everything else, and just slap it on the post that you're going to send out. I would ask you to hold back. I would ask you to put only certain snippets that really highlight the features of your home and understanding who that target audience is, is really going to, again, help you with this. Because as an example, what we're seeing at the moment is that home offices are really popular. So if I felt that this was for my target audience, I'll definitely be featuring a snippet which shows a nice space of home office or the room of a home office. But if I felt it was for family and growing families, I may be sharing different, bathrooms may be sharing for example, a baby room. So understanding your audience in terms of showing what features goes on that specific post is so, so important. So just enough to wet their appetite so they can actually click and go onto your listing.

Final Tip: Facebook Groups

So, we've now reached my final tip, On how to sell your home on Facebook. Now, if this is making sense to you so far, please do leave a comment below and say yes, and leave us a thumbs up as well. Also, please do feel free to subscribe because we leave tips on a weekly basis, whether that's looking to buy, sell, or invest in the prime London areas. So let's dive into the final tip. My final tip is all about Facebook groups. This is just so powerful. And if you're not part of a already, you can just go on Facebook search bar and actually type in, for example, your neighborhood Hampstead. And you'll find that there are groups that were Hampstead mums, whether it's Hampstead and Highgate, whatever it is, it will come up. Just dive into that group, look at the rules and regulations and make sure that you are allowed to share something such as I'm selling my home.

Is there any families out there that actually would like to buy a home like this and X, Y, and Z very powerful. Use that to the absolute maximum. So those are my tips and my facts when it comes to social media, if you would like to find out more on how to advertise your property, how to sell your home on social media or buy, sell, invest in any way, please feel free to reach out to me, Danny Valencia, My City Nest. We're always helping whether it's UK investors or overseas investors. And, we'll share with you how we go about getting you the best possible results. Thank you.