Recently, the London property market has picked up pace with a rise in demand from both local and overseas buyers.

Six key facts leading to a successful property market this Summer!

  1. The capital's property prices rose by almost 10 per cent in the year to November
  2. This year, despite lockdown, demand for homes has held up
  3. The re-opening of the UK economy resulted in levels of activity that far exceeded expectations
  4. Demand of overseas buyers, as travel restrictions ease
  5. Brighter nights provide more potential viewing hours and more viewings naturally means a better chance of you getting multiple offers.
  6. Buyers are more likely to search for homes during warmer months as they don't want to venture out viewing properties in the rain or snow, or in icy conditions.

Learn from the Property pros:

  1. Research an Agent's online marketing

Visit their website. Does it look professional, is it informative, or does it look as if no real effort has been put into it? If you can, check how much experience their individual Agents have, because the last thing you need is someone straight out of College, with no or little experience handing your biggest asset. Look at their social media, are they active online?

Visit their social media. Do they understand the ever growing importance social media now has in selling properties?

Look at how they are currently presenting the properties they are selling. Not to find out how many properties they are selling, look deeper, do they have professional looking photographs, do the property descriptions look accurate? Ask yourself if this is how you would like to see your property marketed.

  1. Top home styling Tips

Living Room

  • Remove excess furniture
  • Replace dark curtains with lighter colors
  • Tuck away any wires and cables
  • Storeaway personal portraits
  • Add a long narrow rug in empty halls
  • Keep large artwork on the largest walls
  • Add book or flowers on coffee tables

Dining Room

  • Dress the dinning table
  • Hang light colored, curtains, the longer the better
  • Open up curtains and blinds allowing natural light
  • Fix 100 Watt light bulbs to allow more light
  • Addhouse plants in the room to add life
  • Brighten up dark areas with lamps
  • Add mirrors to give a more sense of space and light


  • Remove clutter from work tops
  • Add a bowl of colourful fruits
  • Add a Lick of paintto dated cabinets units
  • Replace old knobs
  • Remove all items from refigerator door
  • Clean all windows inside and out
  • Fix or replace any dripping taps


  • Dress beds with with white textured linens
  • Add new pillows and throw pillows
  • Bed should not be shoved into the corner
  • Move at least 50% of your closet items into storage
  • Hang clothes in groups & face same direction
  • Keep the hangers consistent in the closet
  • Keep all wallsneutral colors


  • Tuck away toiletry items
  • Hang new, white towels
  • regrout and reseal bathroom
  • Remove any bins
  • Add a new fancy bottle of hand soap
  • Roll Small towels & place in basket on counter
  • Install a new shower curtain
  • Always keep toilet seat down

  1. Professional Photograpy

Great images can only do so much, what really helps clinch the deal are the descriptions of what it is like to live in your home, making them feel they are already there.

So if you're about to start selling you London home this summer, or even if your property has been on the market for a little longer than you'd like, I'd love to get you moving. Just call me on 07468 866 205 or drop me a line at to arrange a free, no obligation, discovery meeting.