The 10 Steps to buying a house

The steps to owning a house may seem challenging but getting on to the property ladder is easier than you think. We've put together 10 steps to help you along the way.

Step 1: Are you ready to get on the property ladder? Buying a property is a financial and mental commitment so you need to be sure that it is the right thing for you. You should not rush the process and if you may feel that rental accommodation is the best option for now. It is also important to understand what you can afford

Step 2: Start saving for a deposit. 

The more you pay for your deposit the less mortgage so plan carefully before you start the process

Step 3: Find the right estate agent. Most agency business is done by referrals so ask friends, family and colleagues. It can be challenging to choose an agent

Step 4: Get a mortgage.  You will most likely need a mortgage to finance your home purchase so meet with a lender to discuss options. Finding out how much you can afford is crucial before you begin the viewing process.

Step 5: Start viewing. It’s the exciting bit – once you’ve set a budget you can set aside your evenings and weekends to view a selection of homes. Two pairs of eyes are better than one so take a friend along and ask any questions you have.

Step 6: Choose a property. The viewing process can take weeks or even months so don’t get disheartened. Not every property will be what you are looking for but keep going and when you do eventually find the one, you’ll know.

Step 7: Make an offer. Your estate agent will help you decide on an appropriate offer but most home sellers are willing to negotiate slightly.

Step 8: Start the legal work. Buying a home involves lots of legal work and the signing of papers. After an offer has been accepted, solicitors can begin their work and surveys will also be taken. It might sound confusing but your agent will be on hand to explain everything in detail for you.

Step 9: Exchanging the keys and insuring the house. You’re almost there! Once you’ve set a date to exchange keys and move in, you must insure your house against potential damage.

Step 10: Get moving! Time to pack up your stuff and move into your new home! See it wasn't that difficult was it?

If you have any questions about buying a property, then get in touch today.