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The 2nd of 5 mistakes when selling your property

One of the most common questions I get asked is 'What is the difference between an agent and a great agent?' And my answer is always the same ... 10% of the price that your property 'could' ultimately sell for! Because 90% of the price of your property will be determined by the market. So, to put it into perspective that 10% of a property that could achieve £1m would represent £100k ! So we can agree that choosing the right agent to sell your house is critical!

The mistake I see seller makes when choosing an agent is using the criteria of price of the property and fees the agent will charge and the truth is is none of these are going to make any difference on the price you are ultimately going to achieve on your house.

What is the difference between Exposure marketing and Proactive marketing?

Exposure marketing Is you slap the property on portals such as RM and zoopla and wait for buyers to find you.

Proactive marketing is you carry out daily activities to find buyers and its that proactive marketing combined with a skillful agent that is going to make that 10% difference for you . And that exposure and skill some times can cost a premium. Has there been a time that you bought something for less thinking it was a great value only to find out it was not and you had to replace it and spend more? Quality lasts. It delivers value and some times that can be slightly more expensive to others.

To watch the video on How to choose the right agent, please CLICK HERE