Tour Of Southend Green

Hi it's Danny Valencia here with My City Nest powered by Keller Williams Property Specialist and a passionate Londoner. And today I'm in a very special place in Northwest London NW3 Camden Borough just behind me. You can see the Heath itself. I'm in Hampstead Heath and just wanting to give you a quick tour of the area. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy

Just going to give you a quick tour of a Hampstead Heat community itself. As I said, I'm just down the entrance of the Heath itself. You have a sign here Keats House just promoting a little bit, um, about the events taken place. The Heath itself actually has 790 acres, a lot of wildlife ducks, rabbits. They actually had sheep out here for a few weeks during summer last year. So this road's here is South end road. So South end road itself actually takes you further North. If you go up the Hill and you go past the vale of health, and the vale of health pond itself, which is a very, very famous. So here we're walking from Southend road, walking South. You have biggie best just across the road. I'm on the South end road itself. We're just going to go past, bought a few bakeries, restaurants and even bookshops. So that's biggie best there. Beggie best itself is a great coffee house but they also sell homeware so you can actually shop around. Plus you have some of your favorites, uh, some of your favorite coffee. Hopefully you'll be able to look inside a little bit of the reflection. I'm not sure whether you can actually see.

So the area is very pet friendly as you can imagine having the heath, uh, just here. And uh, you have your pet shop, your friendly pit shot here. So, just walking down South from South end road. Flower Shop! You also have a little bookshop here, daunt books, one of my favorite bookshops. And you may find me wandering around here when I have appointments in the area. I'm a bit of a bookworm myself to have a great collection. So just across the road you're going to see Hampstead Heath Overground station has some great connections into the city. So you'll find a lot of families moving into here just to because it has such a villagy feel, but you also have professionals who actually want to have access into the, um, into the city and actually be in the suburbs. So up this Hill here you've got Sam Hill park, which actually leads to parliament Hill great little walk as welll whether you're doing any winter boots or weather during the summer.

So you've got the best of both worlds. Heathhrust Road just up the Hill here, great period buildings and actually we had the listing here last year and that was a one 1,700 square foot if I'm not mistaken. And that was going on for £1,750,000 so around about a £1000 per square foot, which is not unusual in the area, but you're looking around about £1000 - £1,300 per square foot depending on the property itself. The great thing about the area itself is that if you are looking to come and live in the area, I mean people love period buildings. Yes. And then you have other people who just is not their cup of tea. So you have the best of both worlds here. I'm going to show you this special little road here, which is St. Crispin's close.

So this here is a private little road collection of townhouses and also has a few apartments. So to give you an example of a, of this hair you have, we have um, a two bedroom apartment here and that was 630 square foot. And that was on the market for £625,000 and actually sold out i believe six just under that, if I'm not mistaken. So we're coming back on, South end road itself. And uh, I'm going to show you something quite special just next to St. Crispins Close "The Golden Gate". So, this pub is very popular and even more so as you can imagine doing summer people finish up their walks, whether that's from um, Hampstead Heath itself or whether that's the Parliament Hill and wana end up here. So very, very popular. You want to get in early if you want to get in. And then just accross the road here you have Dominic's family run business, very pet friendly, beautiful dog.

Dominique's a family run business. The name Dominic's actually was inspired by one of the owners. Um, one of the owners father passed away. You have a lady here given out some coffee, very friendly community, very tight community. You've got karma bread, great story as well behind the, the name which I'll let you guys check out on Google. And here we're just walking up and we're just approaching Pond Street. Now, if we do a right from here to into Pond Street, go up the Hill, you get to the top of the Hill. If you turn a left, that will take you down to Belsize park station, which is the Northern line, takes you into West end or takes you into the city. Um, depending on which branch you take, where if you go to the top of the Hill and actually take a right, that will take you North again into a Hampstead underground station.

And again, if you go further North from Hampstead, it will take you into Golders Green. I'm just going to cross the roadhere. Hopefully I won't get run over with a zebra crossing and just a cross up the Hill. On the right you have the armory gym, which is a great community gym. They've done some great charities and also open to private members. And just across here, you have the Royal free hospital, which is one of the best hospitals in the country actually. So, just walking down from here you've got fleet road just across from here, uh, on the right. And then you've got Constantine road, which if you continue following that route, would take you down into Camden town and then into central London ultimately. So you've got MNS foods here. Very convenient. And then just squeezed between MNS food hall and there's a delicacy here. Have a building called the panoramic building and amazing building. We actually have our latest listing in here, so it's a concierge building, has two lifts, underground parking, two bedrooms, two bathrooms on the market for £875,000. We have almost a 1000 square foot, which is almost unheard of in the area under a 1000 square foot. So if you're looking for a home in the area or you're looking to sell, or you want some more information about the property market, do feel free to to give me a call. Danny Valencia here. My city nest number is 07468866205.