Hampstead like many other villages near London started to develop when wealthy people started to move out of the city, but still wanted to be close by so they can enjoy everything that London has to offer 2021 has not much has changed people who have the means would love to buy a home in villages like Hampstead, but still being able to just jump on a car and be 15, 20 minutes away from the Westend and central London. Now, what type of people actually live in Hampstead? Well, that's a great question. Families that have been here for generation will be the first that come to mind, but also you have Americans who initially start to rent in St. John's wood in Northwest London, but then move on to buy a home in the Hampstead area. It's also quite popular with, young professionals. And again, that's the obvious reasons that they're able to have the benefit of everything that the village has to offer, but still be able to jump on a train and be 20 minutes away from work.

Some people are quite surprised to find that that's also quite popular with students. Students can actually jump on their bike and be within 15, 20 minutes to their universities. And that's going to be a probably roundabout handful universities that are around about 20 minutes away. So that's also quite interesting to say now, in terms of type of homes that you find in Hampstead, it's a real mix that you find here. You can find homes, period homes, which we all know that Hampstead is very, very famous for. And a lot of people want that whole experience of having that period home in Hampstead. So you got Edwardian homes, Georgian and Victorian, and a lot of these homes were converted from just one dwelling to, converted to flats just to accommodate the current modern lifestyle. But it's interesting to see that in recent years I've seen more and more of these flats being converted into single dwellings again, and that just shows the type of cash that's being invested in the area has been always and continues to be in terms of purpose-built luxury flats.

We saw a lot of these being developed back in in the 1980s, but also again, recent years, we've seen more and more of these luxury flats being built. Hampstead has some great places to eat and drink. Some of my personal favorite is going to be oddono's, which is a gelato just behind us. And if you're looking for some recommendations in terms of flavors, I'd definitely recommend the hazelnut and pistachio. And if ice cream which Gelato doesn't do it for you. Then my next recommendation will be cramps some great sweet and savory. Now I personally have a sweet tooth, so I'll always just recommend the sweet, I recommend the banana and chocolate, but if you're looking for savory, they've got some great options as well. If you're looking for some shopping, then it also has some great boutiques, but also some big brands as well, such as gap.

If these boutiques and shops don 't do it for you, then you can always just jump on a bus to Brent cross, which is probably around about a 20 minutes, Bus journey, or just jump on a train, which also probably around about 10 minutes, train journey to Brent cross shopping center, where you're going to have so much more options. So, if you're in the area, please do enjoy. So here you are this Little car, this is the kind of thing that adds to the whole feel of Hampstead. So it's not only about the pretty little homes it's also about the classic cars and just everything that this village has to offer. Now, in terms of price points, what can you get for your money? Well, if we're looking at period buildings and we're looking at a whole home, a six bedroom home, and to give you an example in Edwardian home in Elden Grove, we saw a property quite recently being marketed for £4,750,000.

And the square footage of this was a roundabout 3600 Square Foot. So it was six bedroom, a real amazing front of the home. Had a huge garden, even had an office in the basement, which accommodates probably around about a team of six, gorgeous features, original features. So that's the kind of property that you can actually find in terms of that price point, if we look in the lower end of that price spine, we can also find studio flats. So we had the property in Willoughby road £375,000. And the square footage of that if I remember correctly was something in the region of around about 300 Square Foot. So not a huge flat, but in terms of investment is just made a really, really good investment. So we'll dive in a little bit more about yield very shortly now, in terms of the type of bedrooms that you find the most common bedrooms that you find in the area, the ones that are the most competitive when you look and Rightmove and Zoopla are going to be two beds there are a lot of two beds in the area.

And the ones that you've find the least of are going to be those studio flats. Now, to give you another example, we have a property in St. Crispin's close, which is more towards the Hampstead Heath, and this is a gated community, a four-bedroom home. And this will set you back around about £1.2 million, in terms of rental, if you're thinking of renting in the area, if you're looking for a four-bedroom home, such in the gated community, such as St. Crispin's close, which again is just next door to Hampstead Heath, that will set you back in terms of rent around about £2,500 to £3000. So in terms of yield, you should expect anything around that three to 4% bear, a bounce. Can you get something with a higher yield in London? I mean, of course you can, but it's never going to be anything like Hampstead, or other Prime London areas. Prime London areas, there is always going to be a lower yield, but it's just a much safer investment.

If you're looking for something higher than it might be an area that's quite riskier. And if there's anything we can help you with in terms of giving you more information about the risks involved in investments, just feel free to give us a shout. So in terms of rental, that's what you can expect on four bedroom, but also on studio flats, you should be expecting at the moment you can, obtain a studio flat for round about a £1000 to probably around about £1200 I'll recon if you're looking to, to rent in the area. So that's it in terms of type of homes in terms of price points, in terms of location and where Hampstead is actually located well located in Northwest London, which is just a roundabout, I'll say 20 minute journey from Tottenham court road. And it's roundabout 10 minutes ' walk from Camden town, which we all know is very famous for its markets outside markets, and very, very popular with the tourists. But, you wouldn't feel, you just don't feel like you're 10 minutes away from the hustle and bustle. You just, don't, it's a very tight community. People love the area. And, and again, those families that have been here for generations just really welcome you, the newcomers and, they are able to just really enjoy the area

So, this here, is St. Crispin's close, and we're literally next door to the Heath itself. So you have the Heath as your backyard pretty much. And this is a collection of townhouses flats. So it's very popular with young professionals, families as well. And, in terms of price points, it will set you back a four bedroom home. You're looking around about £1.2 million. And if you're looking for two bedroom flats, then you're looking around about at, £600,000 give or take. If you look into rent in the area, then a four bedroom home here will cost you a roundabout £2,750. And depending on the condition, you'd probably get £3000 for it as well. In terms of location, I mean, next door, you have the Hampstead Heath Station railway station, which takes you into different parts of London. But also if you wanted to, you can also work walk eight minutes to the underground station Belsize park, which takes you into the West end and also into the city of London.

So these houses here are really, really good options. The community has really, really tight, lots of families, but also young professional in terms of shops, you have a real mixture of independent shops, a lot of bakeries pastries, but you also got some big brands such as Starbucks, Marks and Spencer, and just a really good location. So look out for it. And, do let me know if there's any information that you would like to have about the area. I mean, what else can you ask for the security of a gated community what's been, next door to, to the heat. So I'm inside Hampstead Heath, London's largest ancient Woodlands, and there's just so much to do. And this is huge. I've been taking walks here for many, many years, but with my family, and it doesn't matter whether it's summer or winter. In fact, I love to come here in during winter and just have a winter walk. But if you have the opportunity to come here during spring and summer, you can take a picnic and just enjoy the views from Parliament Hill, or even if you want to just enjoy the ponds. I mean, you've got seagulls all over the place. If you're lucky, you probably even see some rabbits, squirrels and ducks roaming around.

So it's really Gorgeous place to be. But again, enjoy the nature. If you really, really want to get in touch with mother nature, this is the place to be in Northwest London. And if you'd like to jog again, what better place to jog in this place, pleased, to drop by enjoy and speak to you soon.