Where to go for winter walks in London?

Hi, my name is Danny Valencia with My City Nest powered by Keller Williams Property Specialist and a passionate Londoner. And today I want to share with you three of my favorite spots, where to go for winter walks. Now there are so many and yet I'm going to narrow it down to three now mainly in Northwest London and that's just because it's just such an amazing area.

1. Hampstead Heath

So the very first one I wanted to share with you is Hampstead Heath, uh, Hanford Heath is located in Northwest London, NW3 in the Camden borough itself. Now, Hampstead Heath has around about 790 acres of Woodland. It has ponds, it has wildlife, rabbits, duck, fishes and it also has sheeps. Actually, I remember last summer they had some sheep. They had them in for a few weeks, which is quite amazing considering that they didn't have any sheep in Hampstead Heath for around about 50 years. So, they left them there for a few weeks "of course!" in a safe and a controlled environment. It will be interesting to see if they're going to bring them back for 2020 summer.

So again, an amazing area if you're walking out of the Heath itself, some great pillar buildings and a lot of history just in the area itself. Now one of the things that I wanted to share with you as well as some of the places that I like to visit after the walks itself, now one of my favorites is in Hampstead village, which is a short walk from the Heath itself and it's the la creperie de hampstead, I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly and I'm not offending anyone out there. One of my favorites! they sell Kreps. One of my favorite is the banana scotch. It's delicious and I'd definitely recommend it for all you guys out there who prefer savory. They have some delicious savory selections as well. I'm told I have a sweet tooth, so I prefer to have sweets.

So, just next door to la creperie de there is Vinci, which they serve some delicious gelato. Now you may be thinking, we'll actually Danny after winter walk, a cold winter walkm Do I really want to have something cold? We'd be pleased to know they also serve some amazing hot chocolates if that's what you prefer. I don't care whether it's cold or warm. I love my gelato so there you have it. That's number one. Winter Walks in Hampstead Heath.

2. Parliament Hill

Number two for Winter Walks is going to be Parliament Hill. Now. Parliament Hill is actually located in the South East part of the Heath and the reason i like to actually separate it. It's because I like to go to the parliament Hill to actually have picnics because the views are there, are just actually amazing.

You get to view most of the iconic parts of London from there. So, maybe not for Winter Walk maybe for a nice spring, summer day, but definitely worth going out there in the winter, making the most of those views and also from the sunset as well, which is quite spectacular now in terms of where to go after pretty much the same places. Vinci for gelato. The high street has so much selection, so you'll spoiled for choice.

Regents Canal

Number three for winter walks in London is going to be Regents Canal, of course I couldn't miss this one out. So, you can start from little Venice and finish up in Camden town and every think in between between such as the zoo and so much more. So one of the things that I'm going to recommend is be careful with the cyclist out there. That can be quite dangerous! I'm not even sure they're even allowed, but it's very narrow. So do be careful with the cyclists themselves.

Now, when you finish up in Camden town itself, Camden market, you have some amazing food stores there. One of my favorite places to visit because I'm Latin American, is Arepa con todo, Arepa con todo is like a corn bread, which is filled with a shredded beef. You've got whackamole, you've got spices. It's absolutely delicious. So watch out for Arepa con todo. You will regret it. It's like a burrito, imagine burrito, but it's just round. So really delicious do look out for it. And of course you've got so many souvenirs out there in Camden town.

Bonus Winter Walk

I'm going to give you a bonus winter walk, which isn't in Northwest London or doesn't finish in Northwest London and that's Kyoto Gardens. An amazing garden which is located in Holland park and has a Japanese inspired theme. Now they have some great spaces out there. They also have ponds, they have waterfalls and some amazing flowers. Now there weren't many flowers out there during the winter, but I'm not complaining because I have hay fever so I'm actually able to go out, enjoy the gardens without actually suffering.

So, they also have some wildlife out there. They have peacocks. Yes, you heard that right, Peacocks! And It's just a great environment and a great space to enjoy with friends and family. If you are out there now as a tip in terms of after the Kyoto gardens, you do also have a Ottolenghi. Ottolenghi is a great bakery and they offer some Gluten free sections as well. And one of the ones that I recommend, well actually I'm going to recommend two, one of them is going to be the Almond and orange chocolate sponge. Amazing, amazing chocolate do taste it. If you're out there, especially if you're gluten free and the other one is going to be your cheesecake, the cheesecake is absolutely delicious and they change it all around in terms of the toppings.

So, there you are my three tips where to go for winter walks in London. There are so many. If you have some of your favorites, please do comment. Please do share or if you want to share this with other people and like and subscribe to this channel. Thank you so much, Danny Valencia My City Nest powered by Keller Williams. Any questions about properties all on them? Give me a shout.