Getting your home ready (you never get a second chance to make a first impression).

Whether your planning to put your property on the market in three, six or even in 12 months time it really helps if you understand where you are in the market, this knowledge will guide you in planning your move. You never know how long it will take to sell your home, or what changes you may need to make in order to maximise opportunities within the market, leading to a successful sale. Should you need to get people in to work on your home, plan this meticulously, factor in realistic timings, as contractors can take a long time.

You don't want to leave anything to the 11th hour.

Invite an Agent to view your property and give you a valuation. Ask them for any recommendations of anything you can do that might raise the value and desirability of your home. Ask them what others in your area have done? An experienced Agent will be highly knowledgeable about this and know what you should do to speed up your properties selling time.

Research an Agent's online marketing:

It is vital that you choose the right Agent to sell your property. Here are three things you can do to see if an Agent is right for you. You can do these before you even pick up the phone to call them to book an appointment.

Use the following criteria to help you select the right Agent:

The biggest mistake I see many sellers making when choosing an Agent is basing this decision on what the Agent says the property is worth and the fees which will be charged against this valuation, neither of these factors will have any baring on the price you are ultimately going to achieve from your sale.

It is widely acknowledged that 90% of the price will be determined by what the market will pay.

Therefore the conversation you should be having with an Agent is about how are they going to achieve the extra 10% for you. This is where a great Agent excels through a combination of exposure and skill.

Some questions to ask on exposure.

Mystery shop potential agents and look out for the following to test their skills

Pricing correctly.

If the price you set for your property is too high, you're likely to end up with some (or all) of the following problems:


Every neighbourhood and each home is different, so it's highly likely that your target audience will be different too. For example: summer is the school holiday period and families prefer to move in before the start of the new school year in September. Many people think winter is the slowest season for selling homes, however data from Rightmove shows days after Christmas is their busiest days of the year.

While it is important to identify your buyer and understand their time scale, it is also vital to understand that there are strategies which can be applied in a traditionally slow selling time of year, which can yield high results, therefore if your circumstances do not give you the luxury of waiting, this could be an option for you to take.

To summarise: prepare your home, choose the right Agent, price correctly and launch!

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