It is said that selling your home can be the most stressful experience many people will endure, this pales into insignificance when you have a property that simply won't sell!

Case Study: The Mount, London NW3.

Background: The property had been on the market, with a traditional agent, for over 300 days without receiving a single offer and there had only been a handful of viewings.

What we did to rectify the situation:

  • An Interior Stylist spent a whole day on site consulting with the vendor and dressing the property ready for both viewings and for a professional photo shoot at the end of the day too.
  • Details and images of the property were circulated to local and international Agents who were individually mandated on a fee split. We then hosted a preview day for them, prior to the property sale being relaunched.
  • We executed a 19 point marketing plan.
  • This led to thousands of online views.
  • Which created over 30 viewings, one party did not even realise it was the same property that they had previously seen and rejected until they arrived at the address, this was due to the restyling of the interior shown in the new images of the property.
  • Multiple offers were then received, creating a bidding war.
  • As happens at times, a legal issue came up. We attended court with our vendor to provide evidence, thus, in this case, helping stop the property being repossessed.
  • The property was sold in 30 days.
  • The end result was the property sold at a premium, and we had one extremely happy client, who
  • has subsequently referred further clients to us.

So if you're failing to sell what should you do? The best way to stop stressing is not to panic and not to have to consider lowering the price of the property, however tempting this might feel. You should think about starting again.

Take the property off the market, and relax. Take a little time out for yourself as you start to plan your next step.

Your next step will be starting again, with a new Agent and a new approach.

You won't be starting from scratch, you will be starting again with the knowledge of what not to do and what mistakes (not necessarily yours) you won't want to see repeated. This new found knowledge and understanding, combined with the knowledge and skills of another (this time carefully chosen) Agent, will help you secure the sale you always wanted.

Follow this advice (repeated here, with a couple of extra comments, shown in italics, from our 'Planning and 'Trying' sections).

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